Би-2 би☆2 иnомарки

Bi-2 (Russian : Би-2 Bi-dva) is a Russian alternative rock band, formed in the 80's in Minsk, Belarus. It was one of the most successful with many sales and chart ...

Bi-2 continued with "Meow Kiss Me" (2001) and "Inomarki" (2004), both sold gold in Russia. Each of their albums included duet records with other rock musicians from such bands as Splean , Chaif , Nochniye Snaiperi , Zemfira , and others. Videos for Bi-2 songs often appear at MTV Russia . In 2005 the double CD "Nechetny Voin" was released, which consisted completely of duets and collaborations.

Би-2 БИ☆2 ИnомаркиБи-2 БИ☆2 ИnомаркиБи-2 БИ☆2 ИnомаркиБи-2 БИ☆2 Иnомарки