Tito gobbi - era la notte / largo al factotum

'Even then I didn't always get it right on stage immediately. When I first sang Scarpia, a friend came up to me and asked me how old I thought Scarpia was. I said "About 45". He said, "Well, you walk like a young man of 25". So I went home, watched how my father moved, and got it right the next time'. 

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Nikolay Figner (tenor), Edouard de Reszke (tenor), Pol Plancon (bass), Francesco Tamagno (tenor), Enrico Caruso (tenor), Celestina Boninsegna/Giovanni Valls, Victor Maurel (baritone), Eugenio Giraldoni (baritone), Felia Litvinne (soprano), Rosina Storchio (soprano), Mattia Battistini/Emilia Corsi/Luigi...

  • Catalogue No: NI7050
  • Label: Nimbus
  • Series: Prima Voce
  • Length: 2 hours 33 minutes
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They hired an Italian architect and built a beautiful church. You can see photos here from the web site devoted to Our Lady of Loreto, a web site maintained by Dominick Mondelli. The interior was beautifully designed. There is a ceiling mural. A statue of San Innocenzo at Loreto. Here is a photo of Mass at the church in 1937. You can see that it was well-attended and made up of many devoted parishioners.

In 1921, while still conducting opera at Monte Carlo, de Sabata began his career as a symphonic conductor with the Orchestra of the Accademia di Santa Cecilia in Rome. In 1927 he made his . debut with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra , substituting for Fritz Reiner in the first eight concerts of the year. [17] He did the same in 1928. [18]

Tito Gobbi - Era La Notte / Largo Al FactotumTito Gobbi - Era La Notte / Largo Al FactotumTito Gobbi - Era La Notte / Largo Al Factotum