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Anakin Solo possibly used this when he was consumed by the light side of the Force just before his death, with streams of energy flowing from his limbs into his enemies. [7] Jacen Solo also used this power against Yuuzhan Vong Warriors at the Battle of Ebaq 9 . [4] It was believed that Grand Master Luke Skywalker used this power, or a variation of it, aboard Shimrra's Citadel during the battle against Shimrra Jamaane in an attempt to save his niece and nephew from the Slayers ; his powerful version sent green sparks coruscating over the body of a Slayer, instantly killing him and causing his body to convulse. [5]

Although it is electrons which are the mobile charge carriers which are responsible for electric current in conductors such as wires, it has long been the convention to take the direction of electric current as if it were the positive charges which are moving. Some texts reverse this convention and take electric current direction as the direction the electrons move, an obviously more physically realistic direction, but the vast majority of references use the conventional current direction and that convention will be followed in most of this material. In common applications such as determining the direction of force on a current carrying wire , treating current as positive charge motion or negative charge motion gives identical results. Besides the advantage of agreeing in direction with most texts, the conventional current direction is the direction from high voltage to low voltage, high energy to low energy, and thus has some appeal in its parallel to the flow of water from high pressure to low (see water analogy ).

 · A513 - 15 Standard Specification for Electric-Resistance-Welded Carbon and Alloy Steel Mechanical Tubing , alloy steel tube, carbon steel tube ...

The factor in the resistance which takes into account the nature of the material is the resistivity . Although it is temperature dependent, it can be used at a given temperature to calculate the resistance of a wire of given geometry.

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Electric Resistance - Brave New DayElectric Resistance - Brave New DayElectric Resistance - Brave New DayElectric Resistance - Brave New Day