Sleep column - bad end of perfomance

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"There's a wave of people who are sick of using their smartphones too much," Holesh says. "People are generally using their phone about twice as much as they estimate."

All three of these tasks are pretty critical. When you get a good night’s sleep, these all happen in synchrony. You go through four sleep phases, getting deeper into sleep, then you go into REM sleep—and this process repeats all night long. If you don’t sleep well and aren’t well-rested, the process gets all messed up: you miss sleep phases, or you go right into REM sleep if you’re in a lot of sleep debt. And that means that some of those processes—like consolidation, pruning, and cleaning out all the toxins—don’t happen. And since most of us don’t get enough sleep, this is normal. But it affects our memory, our ability to process, and pretty much everything else.

Yet it would be difficult to claim the unique position of universe center if other planets held life that was zipping around in anti-gravity cars traveling at the speed of light. Clearly, if the ancients knew there was alien life, any form of life at all, the idea that the earth was the center of the universe would be more difficult to sustain. Again, though, there is no mention of alien worlds or life beyond this little blue dot.

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Since my niece is closer in age to my son than I am, I asked her if I should make a scrapbook for him, figuring her carefree ways would tell me to be chill about Facebook’s overt grab for my child’s data. Specifically, I asked how she feels about her mom (my sister) having posted her awkward baby photos on the site.

Sleep Column - Bad End Of PerfomanceSleep Column - Bad End Of PerfomanceSleep Column - Bad End Of PerfomanceSleep Column - Bad End Of Perfomance