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Reading about the effect music can have on people suffering through a tragedy as severe as the Apartheid is inspiring. The lives of these people during that time was a living nightmare, and yet they were still able to appreciate and draw hope from the music of Hugh Masekela, whose trumpeting fueled a movement of freedom. The amount of respect I have for Masekela, and others like him who use music to fight violence and corruption is monumental. I am so glad to have seen this post and given the opportunity to learn about Hugh Masekela and his music. His song “Grazing in the Grass” is a great jazz tune and I especially liked the use of cowbells throughout. I also enjoyed the second song song, Nelson Mendela’s theme song, “Bring Him Home”; it was nice to hear him singing and playing with accompaniment. Seeing his audience singing and swaying along with the music is a nice closure for the article.

But Bantwini didn’t need 27 years to achieve some of what he set out to do. In 2015, he had been so far from producing and writing that “I just missed making music, man”. “I remember walking into a boardroom and just realising I was looking at artists doing what they loved and I wasn’t. I wanted to create again.”

The two films are dedicated to Herz Frank and Juris Podnieks (Camera) who made the 1978 short film, Ten Minutes Older . The original film and the feature film have been shown together on numerous occasions, including the Yamagata Film Festival in 2004, and the Spanish documentary film festival Punto de Vista in 2006.

Classes are offered in studio synthesis techniques, composing and arranging for MIDI synthesizer, arranging for jazz composers, advanced studio recording, film scoring classes, songwriting classes.

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Hugh Masekela - Trumpet AfricaineHugh Masekela - Trumpet AfricaineHugh Masekela - Trumpet AfricaineHugh Masekela - Trumpet Africaine