Yuri gagarin - at the center of all infinity

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The entire mission would be controlled by either automatic systems or by ground control . This was because medical staff and spacecraft engineers were unsure how a human might react to weightlessness, and therefore it was decided to lock the pilot's manual controls. In an unusual move, a code to unlock the controls was placed in an onboard envelope, for Gagarin's use in case of emergency. [7] : 278 Prior to the flight, Kamanin and others told Gagarin the code anyway. [16] [17]

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For his part, Leonov held for years that he thought the first loud boom he heard was another jet breaking the sound barrier , followed soon thereafter by the sound of Gagarin's jet hitting the ground.

BBC Russian Service coverage of the Yuri Walk: /russian/multimedia/2011/04/110412_london_gagarin_

Upon his return to Earth, Gagarin was an international hero. He was cheered in Red Square by a crowd of hundreds of thousands. A national treasure, he traveled around the world to celebrate the historical Soviet achievement.

Modern cosmonauts still observe a sacred launch-day tradition based on Gagarin's preflight preparations in 1961. On the way to the launch pad, the bus carrying the crew stops so that the members can hop out and " take a leak ," just as Gagarin did the morning he made history.

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Yuri Gagarin - At The Center Of All InfinityYuri Gagarin - At The Center Of All InfinityYuri Gagarin - At The Center Of All InfinityYuri Gagarin - At The Center Of All Infinity