Thing sloth - too heavy for motown

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While the identification was difficult it turned out to be a good find because the Common Reed, which ever variety, has many edible uses. It’s also been around a long time, say the experts. They found evidence of it in 40,000 year old sloth dung…  (Now there’s an occupation for cocktail party chitchat…) Besides sloths humans have eaten it for a long time as well. Just about every where it grows the plant has been used and consumed. Indeed, it is perhaps more versatile than cattails. The Common Reed has been harvested for building housing, thatching rooves, making boats, fire drills, flutes, splints, pen tips, weapons, hunting spears, arrows, rope, snares, mats, baskets, prayer sticks, jewelry, smoking implements, clothing, medicine, and food as well as sugar and salt. Boys of all ages used mesquite ( Prosopis spp.) spines attached to common reed stems to catch small fish and crabs. It can also be used to clean heavy metals and sewage out of contaminated water.

The animal’s short face, peculiar body shape (wide belly but very narrow, tapering chest) and very long, slender arms – all very obvious in the photos shown here – immediately show that it’s a sloth (albeit a hairless one: read on). Many people have already made this identification, mostly because the long, slim, curved claws on the right hand can be seen in one of the photos (might be the left hand, as note that the same image is flipped in the montage shown at top). I would speculate that the people who found the carcass staged it in position for the photos, and made up the story stated above. I assume – or, at least, I hope – that people who live in the more rural regions of Panama are familiar with sloths, but even so a hairless one would still look pretty unusual, and unusual enough to palm off as some sort of monster.

Thing Sloth - Too Heavy For MotownThing Sloth - Too Heavy For MotownThing Sloth - Too Heavy For MotownThing Sloth - Too Heavy For Motown